Health Care Strategic Planning Approaches

Health Care Strategic Planning ApproachesNow that you have selected and carefully reviewed your case study, it is time to begin analyzing the situation the healthcare organization faces. In this milestone, you will evaluate the issue it faces in light of its mission, vision, and values. You will write a 2–3 page analysis of the organization’s strategic planning approaches. Be sure to address the following: A. Based on its mission and vision statements, what can you discern about the organization’s approach to strategic planning? Be sure to provide specific examples to justify your response. B. What is the prevailing issue in question in the case study you selected? C. What do you see as the overall strategic planning concerns for the healthcare organization with regard to this issue? D. What role do you feel the healthcare manager plays in terms of strategic planning around this issue? Be sure to substantiate your claims. E. Who are the key stakeholders affected by or involved in this issue, and what role do they serve in strategic planning within the organization? Guidelines for Submission: This short paper should be between 2-3 pages, not including cover page and references. This paper should be in APA format.BELOW IS THE PREVIOUS PAPER AND THE FEEDBACK I RECEIVED. I GOT a B- FOR IT AND FOR THIS PAPER I WANT A BETTER GRADE. Emanuel Medical Center: Crisis in the healthcare Industry center’s strategic planning was that they needed to come up with a plan to get the best physicians not only for the general practice but physicians and specialists also. When it comes to the products they are using they just make the best of it and work with what they have. They need to find a way to get modern technology for their facility so they can be just like the other hospitals in their area and it may help increase their funds that are coming in. They need a contract management to be in charge to get all their reimbursements of all the services they provided to all the patients. They need to be able to offer good pay and benefits to all their employees. They were having issues about all the shortages of bed they had in the critical care in them facility and the shortage in the staff not having enough people to help care for all the patients that come in to the Emanuel medical center emergency room. They didn’t always have enough physicians for all the patients that came through the emergency room. They also had issues with Kaiser they couldn’t make an agreement on any reimbursement rates for all their services. They need to work on getting a good tram together. Make sure they have enough staff members to cover their facility. All the staff members’ needs to treats the patients with respect and the staff needs to do what they are expected to do to care for all the patients. If they do not care for the patients as the policy states or they are going to have a lot of lawsuits on their hand especially if their diagnosing their patients with the wrong diagnosis. They need to make sure the physician is a very good licensed physician and stays updated on everything they need to know. If they keep misdiagnosing like they did with the Haley Eckman issue that could lead to them closing Emanuel medical center for good. The key stake holders are the staff members for example the nurse and physicians and the specialists. They are the ones that need to make sure they can provide a healthier community and give the best quality care they can give to their patients they are the key to the strategic planning so, their organization runs nice and smooth without any issues. They need to make sure they do their jobs the correct way and provide the best care for all their patients no matter what. The key stake holders is what keeps the organization running correctly without good key stakeholders then there wouldn’t be a good organization. They must make sure they have all the products including medication that are needed to care for each medical situation that comes in the Emanuel Medical Center.FEEDBACK Unfortunately, your submission misses the mark for this Milestone. In general, your Milestone is underdeveloped and lacks context and detail. There are many assertions that are made that are supported using the concepts detailed in the text. As I have stated several times, I highly recommend you separate all assignments out by the rubric requirements. This assignment required five distinct portions that each required a considerable level of development. While you have elements of each requirement (except for the portion on the role of the healthcare manager) throughout your paper, the thoughts are not arranged in a cohesive manner. Additionally, your paper did not meet the two-page minimum. Please ensure you properly develop future submissions.The post Health Care Strategic Planning Approaches appeared first on Academic Essay Guru.

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