Written Assignment 8 – Ethics Paper Length: 2-4 pages (not including title page and references page) Due: By midnight (PT) on the 7th day of Week 10, Mod 5

Written Assignment 8 – Ethics Paper Length: 2-4 pages (not including title page and references page) Due: By midnight (PT) on the 7th day of Week 10, Mod 5

Purpose: The purpose of this final research paper is to demonstrate your ability to synthesize course materials and apply ethical considerations using historic examples and specific research to support a position. You may address the ethical or moral considerations of any issue within intelligence. You might consider historical examples of moral crisis or current intelligence practices that maybe controversial. There is no right or wrong answer to the question but you must employ knowledge learned in the course, thus far, to support your position.

Description: Provide a 2-4 page paper about ethical and moral issues in intelligence by reviewing history, citing sources of applicable support for your findings, and identifying what are the implications. Analyze and critically evaluate an ethical and moral issue within intelligence and then justify a position for or against a specific ethical issue historically associated with intelligence. Support your claim; take a position for or against the practice. Provide an introduction that begins generally and concludes with a thesis statement that narrows a reader’s focus to the position you intend to discuss. In your thesis statement indicate your position on the issue (i.e. whether or not you think the a certain intelligence practice is morally or ethically wrong or if a specific case in history was handled in a morally or ethically questionable manner). Then, go on to justify your position using supporting evidence within the body of the paper. Provide enough information so a reader understands the issues, but do not provide pages of summary. Organize the paper to support your position, not necessarily as a timeline or reenactment. Explain your position and provide evidence to support your position.

A successful paper should give a position, provide background on the moral and ethical issues, reflect on the context that might impact morality or ethical judgements with regard to this issue and draw a conclusion about the implications for today’s intelligence professionals.

Audience: Assume the audience of the paper is someone familiar with the fundamentals of intelligence such as your peers in the class and the instructor.

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